Knightswood Secondary School

Leadership development has been a key element of our school improvement agenda over the past 18 months and we could not have travelled so far on our capacity-building journey without the very insightful advice, the expertise and wonderful delivery of training sessions provided by Andy and Simon.  They have done exactly what it says on the tin – elevated the potential of so many of our staff team!  All training sessions were tailored to the group and reported as being very enjoyable and helpful by all participants.  It’s the most positive feedback from staff, promoted and unpromoted, I have ever received in my 14 years as a Head Teacher. The school community is really looking forward to the next stage of our capacity-building journey with Eagle’s Wings as we gather in subject teams and our young people into the next phase.  Andy and Simon are highly skilled professionals with an amazing ‘wingspan’ of leadership and professional development knowledge, skills and experience - we are all being lifted up through our engagement with them!

Kay A Dingwall, Head Teacher, Knightswood Secondary School, Glasgow

The Leprosy Mission Scotland

“Andy and Simon truly understand the concept of team building. A day with them and Myers Briggs built into our team greater understanding of ourselves as individuals; of one-another as individuals and of how we can function as a well-oiled team. Thank you.”

Linda Todd CEO The Leprosy Mission Scotland

SPUC Scotland

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the work of Eagle’s Wings for staff development. Simon and Andy led us in a fun and friendly workshop but one which was challenging and informative. We learned so much about ourselves and how to work more effectively together thanks to Eagle’s Wings. Their support on building on what we learned about ourselves has been a great boost for our work. It is especially helpful for a leader wanting to benefit from the varied talents in team members.” 

John Deighan Chief Executive Officer SPUC Scotland

Commwire Ltd

“Working in business with your partner is a challenge at the best of times. Being able to separate our business and family roles as well as defining where we make the biggest contribution at work was becoming more difficult as our business grew.  Using the MBTI Andy helped us understand both our strengths and blind-spots.  The understanding we gained from working with Andy really made the difference to us and helped us appreciated and, value our differences.  The respect we gained from knowing how to manage around our natural tendencies and how to bring the best out of each other made a huge difference to both business and personal relationship. Andy helped us go forward with a renewed sense of purpose and togetherness.  His approach was straightforward, enjoyable and practical.  I would recommend Andy because we know this worked for us and can work for others too.”

Lynnette (Commwire Ltd)