Leadership Development

Leadership Development

The 2016 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report based on more than 7000 responses across 130 countries, points to the significance of leadership development as a pervasive concern for organisations aiming to thrive in increasingly turbulent complex environments.  The report indicates that the leadership challenge is urgent and growing in importance with 89% of respondents identifying leadership as a priority.


Organisations require to explore new approaches to leadership that are capable of developing leaders that can collaborate across boundaries, conceptualise and create new solution, motivate diverse teams, and develop the next generation of diverse global leaders.


A critical statistic that should not be overlooked is that Top-Performing Organisations outspend their rivals on leadership by 4 times.  As organisations grow flatter and more diverse and as the global operating environment becomes increasingly more complex there is a stronger demand for people who can lead at all levels of the company, i.e. leaders that can inspire team loyalty through their, expertise, vision and judgment.


At Eagle’s Wings our development focuses on 3 Leadership fundamentals;

  • Knowledge
  • Skills, and
  • Mindset


We advocate an “Inside-Out” development process designed to create a strong foundation of Self-awareness using internationally respected tools and techniques to;

  • Coach and Mentor individuals and teams to improve learning capacity
  • Discover Personal Strengths using the StrengthsFinder 2.0 profile
  • Understand Personality using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Develop a deep understanding of the importance of Emotional Intelligence based around the New York Times best seller Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • Understand the importance of Personal and Organisational Resilience using a number of contemporary tools and cutting edge research.


Our leadership programs are bespoke, we have expertise successfully working with Individuals, Professionals, and Management Teams across Public, Private and Third Sectors organisations from the CEO through to secondary school children.