Soft Skills

Soft Skills Vs Hard Skills

Soft skills are often used to describe and measure an individual’s emotional intelligence, i.e. the skills and insights that allow a person to positively influence and manage relationships.  Soft skills are reflected in character traits, interpersonal and communication skills, the visible behaviours attitudes and personal characteristics that are demonstrated during interactions with others.


Hard skills are the technical competences and expertise required within an industry or professional capacity Accountancy knowledge for an Accountant, Legal Expertise for a lawyer etc.  Hard skills are the result of tangible and measureable knowledge gained from training and qualification within a particular discipline.  Hard skills enable the job-holder to complete the requisite tasks necessary within that profession that deliver results.  Hard skills can land you the job but without developing the soft skills your career prospects are likely to be severely limited.



What’s the Big Deal about Soft Skills?


Emotional Intelligence (EI) was tested alongside 33 other important workplace skills, It was found that EI is the strongest predictor of performance, explaining a full 58% of success in all types of jobs


EI is the foundation for a host of critical skills—impacting almost everything said & done each day.  It was discovered that those exercising EI at work had their phone calls and requests answered twice as quickly as those that lacked EI.


EI is the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace & the strongest driver of leadership & personal excellence and the great thing is EI is not fixed like IQ.  Emotional Intelligence is capable of being developed

Results show that:

  • 90% of top performers are also high in EI
  • Just 20% of bottom performers are high in EI.
  • You can be a top performer without EI BUT the chances are remote


With the growing importance of relationships to wellbeing and success is it not about time that you considered enhancing your soft-skills?  Contact us to discover your untapped potential and do something to elevate this…