Team Development

Team Development

As organisations strive to become more agile and customer focused structures are shifting away from the traditional, functionally based models towards interconnected, flexible teams.  The new organisational model built around networks of teams empowered to address specific projects and challenges and then move following completion of the project brings significant challenge to bear on existing leaders and manager’s knowledge, skills and mind-sets.  The traditional pyramid shaped leadership development model is simply not producing leaders to keep up with business demand. With globally 58-80% of supervisory leaders having no development to prepare them to lead it is inevitable that failure, burnout and poor performance continue to pervade the workplace.


Integral to an effective network of teams is define the mission of each team clearly, delegate responsibility, assign strong team leadership, and build a shared culture and communication tools to help teams align with one another. In looking at Olympic Teams Joanne Schrof identified key attributes needed to create winning teams; these involved identifying members (Team Chemists) with great self awareness and well developed relationships skills that could balance personal interest with collective goals and play continually to the strengths of others.


At Eagle’s wings our tools and approaches can help you and your team members become more fully self aware and ultimately better “Team Chemists” using;

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • MBTI and Teams
  • Teams and Communication
  • Teams and Decision Making using Meta-planning
  • Conflict and Negotiation
  • Motivation skills and insights using Fundamental Instrument for Relationship Orientation-Behaviours (FIRO-B)
  • Creativity and Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Action Learning Sets